Monday, January 7, 2008

Catching Up!

Well a busy holiday season entertaining family and friends has created dead spot for updates, one I hope to fix now!

First up, here are a whole bunch of pre-X-mas photos that I've been meaning to post;

Jennifer came down for a visit!

We recently started Oliver on solid foods - which has lead to a few giggles...

And of course...

Say Hello! to Mom's new device for carrying Oliver - The Moby! It's a wrap that creates a surprisingly comfortable harness for carrying him in a variety of positions. The best news is that it spreads his weight around - which means less lower back pain as he puts on weight. Dad says that it mysteriously fails to interfere with how Atomically Hot Oliver's Mom is. But nobody listens to Dad.

Even Dad likes Moby....this is from our walk to the Ugly Mug coffee shop.

Oliver continues to rock the Bumbo!

He also sat still long enough for us to take his picture on our couch - note the precisely folded hands!

That is so long as nobody interferes with his concentration...

And obviously, Oliver hates having his picture taken...

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