Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lazy Saturday Morning

Who you calling lazy?

Oliver and his New Shoes

The shoes were a gift from Uncle Jason and were acquired in our trip to Vancouver. Here's Oliver testing them out at home with Grandma!

Oliver and Crew go Swimming

Mom recently started taking Oliver for afternoon swimming!

Here is Oliver discovering that his flotation device tastes like plastic!

Here's Avery, Simon and Oliver enjoying a float together

Here's Simon and his Mom Lisa (with Avery off in the background to the right)

Here's Avery and her Mom Nicole - Avery is apparently following Oliver's lead and attempting to consume the flotation device.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanksgiving week Lunch with Oma and Opa

During our trip to the coast we had the opportunity to walk to Grandville Island for lunch.
Here we are prepping for a stroll along the seawall.

Opa and Dad got an opportunity to talk to Oliver before the ladies arrived from their shopping trip.

When the ladies arrived, Oliver got a chance to play with his new Toy!

One of the reasons this toy was so excellent is that it has a mirror on it that Oliver couldn't stop staring at!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip!

We got a chance to visit with Oma and Opa in Vancouver over the Thanksgiving week. Lots of fun for the whole family, but it sure looked like Oma and Opa enjoyed the event!

Even Uncle Jason got in on the action...

One of Oliver's favourite things about the trip, was how Oma and Opa prepared for his arrival by picking up a new truck! The truck came complete with bells, whistles, music (really, really, really annoying music) and a flashing disco ball. Oma and Opa obviously enjoyed the purchase as the batteries were worn out with the first uses!

All in all, a fabulous time was had by all!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Friends from afar

Karen and Mike and Jack, Oh My!

Dad hangs with Oliver

Oliver and Dad were watching the Canadian Juniors thrash the living snot out of the Russian kids the other day, and Mom used the opportunity to take some pics!

Note the golf tan, and slightly greasy-unwashed look Dad is rocking. This telecommuting from home thing is clearly not working for Dad at all.

The above is Oliver's disbelieving reaction to Dad's whispered suggestion on where babies come from. Crazy Dad!

Airborne Oliver! (and check out that hair colour!)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Oliver attends the Lethbridge Airshow!!

These are from a few weeks back

We arrived at the airstrip just as it was getting started.
Mom took this pic of Oliver and dad on our way to the Hercules transport!

Here's Mom and some too interested for his own good fighter pilot.

We saw lots of different planes

We even got a chance to take our picture in the nose of one!

We saw that Miss Mitchell still looks pretty hot..

And then we noticed Oliver's name!

Eventually the airshow started in earnest, and along with looking at the planes we were treated to watching them swoop down on us at high speeds! Jets roared by, pulling their noses up to tail walk past us. Planes whipped by in tight formations, pulling loops, spins and other high speed tricks.

One thing we didn't count on ... the noise.
Pretty soon, the booms and pows that accompany super fast jet flybys started to upset Oliver.

So Mom, Dad and Oliver called it a day, and wrapped our first airshow!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oliver Loves Oma!

Mom and Oliver go to Edmonton!

Mom and Oliver decide to visit family in Edmonton.

Uncle Deryck struggled to fill in for Dad, but he gave it his best effort.

Here we see Oliver experimenting with his hide-and-seek techniques.

Chihiro isn't the only cousin putting in time with Oliver...

Aunt Karmen testing Oliver for 'ejecta' and 'effluvia'.

False alarm!

Uncle Deryck spent many hard hours showing Oliver how to work the Halo controls for maximum killpower, little did he know Oliver is already on level 9.

After learning how advanced Oliver is with Halo, we see here how Uncle Deryck came to rely on Oliver for advice during matches.

Eventually, the fun loving Oliver wore everybody out.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Making Sausage at Little Bow

Oma and Opa came to town, so we grabbed them, the Grandparents, Oliver's Tante Linnea and Uncle Mike, and (of course) cousin Dexter! and we all headed up to Little Bow to relax - and to make sausage!

In the above picture, Dexter finds out that we are making sausage, but that he won't be helping.

Here's a shot of some of the guys playing with meat. Oliver is hugging Grandma in the background.

Grandpa, Uncle Mike, and Opa Jack deep into the sausage making process while Oliver's dad teases them with beer.

Whenever the women folk got too uppity about the All-Male Meat-O-Rama we pointed out this label on the sausage machine. Pay special attention to 'Cautions: #2'. Heh

Dexter, blocked from joining the All-Male Meat-O-Rama by the niggling age requirement, spent the day playing with Omas and Grandmas.

Oliver showed his displeasure at being excluded by having a long nap...

...and then by joining Mom who was relaxing in the hammock.

Everyone enjoyed the day, and most importantly, the All-Male Meat-O-Rama produced enough pork sausage to feed a small nation!