Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Simon's Birthday Party!

Birthday boy Simon is holding the balloon on the left while Avery (so pretty in pink and white!) looks on. Dig those awesome curls on Simon!

Below the three babies check out the balloon, while Oliver's headless dad moves rapidly in the background for no apparent reason.

Oliver and Avery show everyone that xylophone sticks have an alternative purpose for teething infants.

Musical talent be damned, my gums hurt!

Simon shows everyone his moves with the maracas.

Nicole, Avery, Oliver and Simon. Note how Oliver's dad manages to artfully conceal his face behind the balloon.

Simon shows us how to stand and uses his maracas to protect us from dangerous airborne predators like helium balloons.

Avery and Oliver in the play area.

Oliver offers his assistance in opening presents!

Avery made sure to handle all the reading material for Simon.

All in all Simon appeared to be having a good time! Or a seizure!

Simon attempts to eat his present while Oliver makes his break for it.

A good time was had by all - happy birthday Simon!