Friday, May 25, 2007

Oliver with his Uncle Jason

Jason told us how stoked he was that we had named our son after one of the basic skateboard tricks.

Apparently, an 'Ollie' is where you stomp on the tail of the board in order to make it leap off the ground.

Uh...not exactly. But I wouldn't put it past Uncle Jason to have already planned out what skateboards to start him on once the basics of locomotion are achieved.

Oliver and Great Uncle Johnny

Great Uncle Johnny is the guy on the left with one eye open.

Oliver in mittens

Oliver still needs to wear his mittens in this picture, and we also get a chance to photograph him doing something marvelous - sleeping soundly.

On his arrival, Oliver had a head full of thick dark hair. In the days since, it has lightened considerably, and threatens to take on either the dirty blonde of his father, or (more likely) eventually morph into the auburn locks of his gorgeous mother.

Oliver and Oma

Opa got his picture with Oliver into the title space of the blog, so it was only fair we post one of Oliver getting some tummy time with Oma as well.

Welcome to Oliver's Tummy Time blog!

Oliver Fraser Hilton arrived in the world at 20:31pm on May 13th - giving his Mother the best Mother's day gift ever. He weighed in at 8lbs 4oz, and was 50.2 centimeters long.

Oliver will be sharing his thoughts, viewpoints and most important of all his most recent pictures with friends and family!

In the above photo, we have Oliver at 24 hours old. He's in mittens because the extra wait we had for his arrival (13 days) gave his fingernails a chance to grow to long and sharp. The abrasion on his cheek was the result of him flailing himself in the face with these razor sharp claws.

I checked with the doctors on this and they insist there is no chance this is a mutant ability manifesting itself early.

Mom's sacrifice

Oliver was a little slow in deciding to join us, and when this tardiness stretched out to almost two weeks his Mom decided enough was enough. Eventually she took the advice of her mid-wife and drank a cocktail of orange-juice and Castor Oil in an effort to kick start her labour, and bring Oliver to the world.

Mmmmm Castor Oil.

Before Oliver met world

Mom and Dad had a 3-D ultrasound done of Oliver before he was born. Here he is having a good yawn.