Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanksgiving week Lunch with Oma and Opa

During our trip to the coast we had the opportunity to walk to Grandville Island for lunch.
Here we are prepping for a stroll along the seawall.

Opa and Dad got an opportunity to talk to Oliver before the ladies arrived from their shopping trip.

When the ladies arrived, Oliver got a chance to play with his new Toy!

One of the reasons this toy was so excellent is that it has a mirror on it that Oliver couldn't stop staring at!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip!

We got a chance to visit with Oma and Opa in Vancouver over the Thanksgiving week. Lots of fun for the whole family, but it sure looked like Oma and Opa enjoyed the event!

Even Uncle Jason got in on the action...

One of Oliver's favourite things about the trip, was how Oma and Opa prepared for his arrival by picking up a new truck! The truck came complete with bells, whistles, music (really, really, really annoying music) and a flashing disco ball. Oma and Opa obviously enjoyed the purchase as the batteries were worn out with the first uses!

All in all, a fabulous time was had by all!